We received a generous donation from West Fraser towards the Rescue, Restore and Relocate project this spring.Thank you West Fraser!

We are quite happy to announce that we received the CFEP Grant from the Alberta Government. This is a matching grant, providing funds to match what we have brought in with fundraising raffles and personal donations thus far. This makes it possible to move forward with our restoration and relocation plan. Thank you to Honourable Jason Luan, Minister of Culture and to Honourable Jason Nixon, our local MLA for approving our Community and Facilities Enhancement Program grant.

Roof Lifted By Crane Off of Brown Log Home

The roof was lifted off on May 5, 2023, and the windows removed and the walls dismantled the following week. Thanks to Marchant Crane Services for lending a great big hand! Blue Trail Log Homes has us penciled in to recreate the walls and put the roof with new cedar shakes on top in the early fall.

The Brown family surprised us with a generous donation towards the project on Saturday, when we held our 40th Anniversary Museum Day!

Thank you to the Brown family for the donation!

Jean-Marie Mason

Front of Log Home and Roof, Separate on Cement Supports

North End of Log Home Without Roof

Posted by Jean-Marie Mason
Jun 20 2023

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