Russ Croft - Vice-President

I have lived in Picton and Ottawa, Ontario, as well as Victoria, B.C. and worked in Kingston, Ont. Montreal, PQ, and Quebec.  I also spent two years in Tenby, Wales, Great Britain. I have traveled to the Barbados, England and Wales, France, to the East and West Coasts of the U.S. and throughout Canada.

When I began studying at university, I originally intended to enter medicine, but switched to applied math.  I received my BA in Math from Queens, and MSc in computers from McGill.  My career was in costing research and computer security for CN Rail. I spent 30 years there.

My focus with volunteering at the Rocky Museum is on efficient management.  My hobbies are hiking, bicycling, photography, stamp collecting and writing poetry.  I volunteer for the Lions Club, and I am passionate about tutoring, and helping people who are in need.

Rocky Mountain House Museum
5406 - 48 Street (Highway 11)
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta


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